10 Love Affirmations to Change Your Life

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10 Love Affirmations to Change Your Life

There is no denying the power of affirmation. Your mind can adapt to nearly anything if given enough time and enough repetition. Through affirmation, you can control exactly how it does so.

What better reason to reprogram how you think than for love – of yourself, of your family, of anyone and everyone you meet. Today you are going to learn 10 love affirmations that will change your life.

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What Love Affirmations Don’t Do

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That a simple affirmation – repeated five minutes a day for 90 days – can fundamentally change how you see the world is an intoxicating idea. Imagine what you can do with that.

But, at the same time, love affirmations don’t hold otherworldly powers to attract a new partner or bring your family together. They simply reprogram how you think to be more receptive to the things you desire.

For example, if you have long felt uncomfortable around those of the opposite sex and cannot get past the first date, or even get to the point of having a date, affirmations allow you to reprogram how you feel about yourself and how you approach someone of the opposite sex in a social situation.

You don’t change anything outside of yourself, but in the act of reprogramming how you see and interact with the world, you begin to change your life experience in a way that makes it seem as though the world is changing around you.

Let’s harness that power with these 10 affirmations of love.

  1. I am surrounded by love every day of my life.
  2. I see the world around me with love in my eyes.
  3. I love myself and because of that everyone loves me.
  4. My partner is the perfect match for me and our love is pure and eternal.
  5. I deserve to be loved and receive it in abundance.
  6. My partner loves me as much as I love them.
  7. I am a confident, self-assured person capable of receiving love from anyone I meet.
  8. I love my family unconditionally and they are the most important people in my life.
  9. I attract love in everything I do.
  10. I freely express the love I feel to those I love and they return my gesture in kind.

These affirmations, when made a part of your daily routine, will change how you see the world and how people see you.

The goal is not to trick someone into falling in love with you or delude yourself into thinking you love someone you do not. What you are doing is opening yourself to the idea that love isn’t acquired through a specific skill you don’t have.

You are giving yourself the confidence and sense of self-worth that allows you to bask in the wealth of love that is around you every day of your life, and to return that love to the people who give it to you.

It’s a liberating experience and one that will open you to new opportunities everywhere you look in your life. Imagine a life spent in the company of those you love and who love you no matter what happens next.  That is the power of affirmation.