Weight Loss Affirmations: How Important Are They to Your Success?

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Weight Loss Affirmations: How Important Are They to Your Success?

weight loss affirmationsMany people who are struggling to lose weight and who are frustrated with their lack of commitment to stick with their dieting and exercise plans are now turning towards weight loss affirmations. An affirmation is any piece of information which is spoken out loud and in the first person in order to influence the subconscious mind.

For example, the following is an affirmation for becoming more decisive:

“I am independent and decisive; I act quickly on my decisions and I have a strong follow through.”

Affirmations influence the subconscious through consistency and repetition and through speaking those affirmations in a state of strong emotion. Since it is believed that the subconscious mind will accept and act upon the information which it’s exposed to most frequently, most consistently and with the strongest emotion, affirmations can have a powerful impact on a person’s beliefs and behaviors.

Weight loss affirmations have the power to change your “self talk” and create the motivation and the confidence you need to stick with your commitment.

But just how important are weight loss affirmations to your success and what if you try them and they don’t work? Here are a few things that will help you answer that question…

First, A Few Warnings About Weight Loss Affirmations

While weight loss affirmations can be a powerful tool for getting a lean and energetic body, there are a few things you should know about using them.

First, weight loss affirmations are like your “mental diet.” If you use them for only 30 days, see results, and then stop using them, the results will eventually fall off. Just as with a healthy, natural diet, you must use weight loss affirmations on a continuous basis if you want to enjoy continuous results.

Second, weight loss affirmations alone aren’t always enough to overcome food cravings. Some food cravings are created by true nutritional deficits. For example, a salt craving is usually your body telling you that it needs more minerals. Minerals come from the consumption of green, leafy vegetables and so getting rid of a salt craving by giving your body what it needs is more effective than just using affirmations.

Finally, weight loss affirmations won’t always create the motivation to exercise. Your body is influenced by your consistent actions just as much as it is by your words. There will be times when you just won’t feel like exercising and saying affirmations won’t motivate you nearly as much as just getting off your butt and getting your body moving.

The Power of Weight Loss Affirmations: Why Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough

Most people don’t fail at weight loss because of their diet or their exercise program. In fact, if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us know what we really need to do to lose weight:

  1. 3 to 5 Good cardio workouts per week.
  2. 2 to 3 strength training workouts per week.
  3. A diet of natural fats, fiber, vegetables, fruits and lean meats.
  4. 8 to 12 glasses of water intake per day.

The problem is that doing these on a consistent basis isn’t so easy.

We get busy or tired or tempted and we literally talk ourselves out of exercising. At the same time, we talk ourselves into eating things that we know we should not eat. As soon as we we miss one commitment, we lower our standards, and start talking down to ourselves and giving ourselves more reasons to miss commitments.

Pretty soon, our weight loss plans have become another notch in our belt of regrets. This is how the majority of people fail to achieve their weight loss goals…it’s not because they don’t know what to do, it’s because they talk themselves out of doing it.

How Weight Loss Affirmations Solve the Problem of Negative Self-Talk

If you can talk yourself out of doing something, certainly you can talk yourself into it. It’s all a matter of how you train yourself to talk TO yourself. The skill of positive self-talk can be developed the same way the skill of walking is developed: by investing consistent, conscious effort.

If you invest a deliberate effort positive self-talk, that’s the kind of talk which will habitually take over every time you’re faced with a tough decision.

For example, the following weight loss affirmations are designed to program your self-talk so that it supports your commitment to live a healthy lifestyle:

  1. “I am happy about my commitment to eat natural, healthy foods and to live an active lifestyle.”
  2. “I can quickly and easily summon up the courage and enthusiasm to exercise.”
  3. “I am comfortable saying no to people who offer me food, even if they get mad at me for saying it.”
  4. “I am proud of my body and happy to be lean and energetic and to feel great about the way I look.”

Memorize these four simple weight loss affirmations and say them out loud while looking yourself in the mirror. Do this every morning and every evening for the next 90 days.

Do this and you’ll become completely convinced of the value of using weight loss affirmations to change the stories you tell yourself and to create the motivation and commitment you need to get fast, lasting results.