Personal Growth Expert Profile: Jose Silva & “The Silva Method”

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Personal Growth Expert Profile: Jose Silva & “The Silva Method”

Jose Silva is the creator of “The Silva Method” and the “Silva Ultra-Mind ESP System.”jose silva method

Although his methods have been criticized by mainstream psychologists, Jose Silva has hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. Most of them claim that Silva’s methods hold the key to unlocking the hidden potential of the human mind and intuition.

Some even insist that his methods can train a person to develop ESP, and you’ll soon discover that this claim has not gone unnoticed by mainstream scientists.

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Jose Silva’s Background and Education

Jose Silva was born on August 11th, 1914 in Laredo Texas. He never attended school and was instead taught to read and write by watching his younger brother and his older sister do their homework. From a very young age, Jose was the breadwinner for his siblings and earned money by selling newspapers.

At the age of 15, after learning how to repair and rebuild radios, he began a 25 year long career as a radio repair specialist. During this time, he served in the Army during the Second World War. This is where he met an army psychiatrist, who ironically, shared the same last name as he did and where he had his first experience with psychology.

Although Silva continued to study psychology after his army service, he continued with his radio repair business which provided him a good income so that he could study psychology and develop his methods in his spare time.

How Jose Silva Developed His Methods

Silva’s background in electronics had a big influence on the development of his methods. He theorized that the electronic waves within the human brain could be “tuned” to the “alpha state” and thus could help the brain to become more calm, focused and effective. He believed that these lower frequency brain waves helped a person to “send and receive” information and to store if more efficiently, thus developing a person’s ESP.

After some experiments with hypnosis, Silva discovered that the mind was more receptive and that the intuition was shaper when a person was in a trance state (alpha state) than when it was in the more alert “beta state.”

It was this discovery, and the positive results of guided meditation and visualization experiments done with his children, which led him to begin the development of the strategies which are now known as “The Silva Method.”

Through these experiments which his children, he also began to discover the emergence of ESP capabilities, and began to believe that these capabilities could be deliberately developed through use of his methods.

Jose Silva and Public Response

As Silva began to refine his ESP development methods, his methods started getting attention from mainstream scientists. Some of them claimed that Silva’s experiments had merely led him to discover that his daughter (the first to show ESP capability) already had psychic abilities. Silva set out to disprove this and, over the next decade, claimed to have trained nearly 40 other children in Laredo to develop ESP.

In 1973, a New York Times article called “Can Man Control His Mind?” announced that a study at Trinity University had revealed that Silva’s methods could help a person gain greater control over their state of mind and that a course on Silva’s methods would be offered at C.W. Post College and Canisuis College. Jose Silva died in February 7th 1999 at the age of 84 after completing the entire Silva Method program.

About the Silva Method

The Silva Method is a personal growth program which is designed to empower one through the development of greater mental processes. It consists of the Silva Intuition System and the Silva Life System.

The application of the Silva Method begins with the Silva Life System which provides strategies for building self-awareness and the ability to focus your imagination towards the achievement of your goals. The Silva Life System (SLS) uses a combination of mind control and meditation strategies which are designed to be of sound mind amidst the pressure of outer circumstances.

This paves the way for the application of the Silva Intuition System (SIS) which trains you to take charge of your natural intuition and to perceive things using more than just the reasoning mind. It’s within Jose Silva’s SIS training system that the student is introduced to the strategies for developing one’s ESP and developing the capability of remotely healing oneself and others.

The Silva Method can be taught in less than 24 hours of intense study and is offered at weekend seminars and in multi-media training courses around the world.

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