How to Be Happy: A Simple Secret to Lasting Happiness

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How to Be Happy: A Simple Secret to Lasting Happiness

Most of us have heard the popular song by Bobby McFerrin that says “Don’t’ Worry Be Happy.”

If only it were that simple how to be happy

Everyone wants to be happy, but wanting to be happy is no guarantee that you’ll ever learn how to be happy. Most of us spend our time and money in the pursuit of happiness, buying things that make us happy for a while, only to find that the “sugar rush” of happiness which comes from owning and doing things doesn’t last.

If you want to know how to be happy, you have to start at the root of happiness…

How to Be Happy Right Down to Your Core

Owning things can make you happy for a time, and so can doing things. But the true secret of how to be happy is to BE a happy person. It’s been said that happiness isn’t about a where or a when or a what, it’s about a here and a now.

If you want to be happy here and now instead of basing your happiness on what you want to have or where you want to be or what you want to be doing or who you want to be with, you must start by being happy with who you are. When a person is unhappy, most likely they’re basing their happiness on something outside of themselves.

Just try this…

The next time you meet someone who isn’t happy, ask them why and they’ll give you one of three types of answers. They’ll either…

  1. Tell you about something they don’t have.
  2. Tell you about something they aren’t doing.
  3. Tell you about somewhere they’d rather be.

Then you’ll meet some people who are happy 99% of the time.

What’s their secret?

Their secret is that they’re just happy people. They don’t have to own or do anything or be in a particular place in order to be happy.

They’re happy for what they do have and if they want something, they focus their energy on how to get it or they figure out how to make peace with not having it. Unhappy people, on the other hand, focus their energy on why they don’t have what they want or on why they’re so unhappy because they don’t have it.

Unhappy people blame themselves and they blame others and they blame circumstances instead of taking responsibility for getting what they want. And even the unhappy people who do pursue what they want refuse to be happy until they get what they want, so they miss out on the most rewarding part of achieving success: the joy of the journey towards success.

So if you want to learn how to be happy, the first step is accepting that being happy is about being happy. It’s not about owning things or doing things or being with a certain person or in a certain place.  The person who can find happiness within themselves first can easily find happiness in just about anything. This is where happiness begins.

Daily Meditation for Learning How to Be Happy

Learning how to be happy is just like developing any other habit. The more you practice it the better you’ll get at it. Here’s a daily meditation for developing the habit of being happy which you can read aloud or say aloud everyday:

“I love myself. I love my life and I love being happy. I am happy through all that may come and all that may go. Anything that I own, anyplace that I go or any person who I share my life with can only add to the happiness that is already inside me.”

Say this simple meditation every day for next 90 days and you’ll discover that learning how to be happy is just like learning anything else. Through practice, anyone can do it.