3 Incredible Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

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3 Incredible Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

Are you anxious about being anxious? Do you feel like your health is being affected by the stress you experience in your work life or personal life? Do you wish for nothing more than to experience the “Om” of inner peace instead of the panicky “OMG!” you normally feel?

Where there is a will, there is way, and these three relaxation techniques for anxiety have you covered.  All it takes is a unique combination of quieting the mind, listening to the right type of music and then exercising your heart out. When you commit to our daily dose of instant relaxation, your usual panic mode should quickly morph into cruise control, so get ready to enjoy the ride!

Take a Meditation “Coffee Break”

There’s nothing more stressful than the daily grind (and nothing more anxiety-provoking than your daily commute!). That’s where, even for the busiest person, meditation is the go-to relaxation exercise. Do it in the car, your cubicle or the subway and get immediate results.

Just as long as you perform meditation correctly and consistently, you can make the world your platform for personal bliss. Close your eyes and focus on the mantra: “I am the peace I wish for the world, and as I feel love and joy, I experience love and joy everywhere I go.”

Breathe in and breathe out slowly, and repeat as many times as necessary until you begin to feel lighter, as though you are less weighed down by  stress. Visualize your anxiety leaving your body with each exhale, and concentrate on images of love with each inhale. Repeat for up to 10 minutes.

Shut Off the Hard Rock Music, and Turn On Some Classical Tunes

Have you ever felt agitated after hearing death metal music, even when listening to it for a minute? Sure you have—and that’s because listening to loud, disruptive music can actually trigger thoughts of anger, frustration and anxiety.

On the other hand, listening to classical music has been shown to calm nerves, enhance performance, boost your mood and actually improve brain function. So, turn off the chatty talk radio you’re used to (which is usually just gossip about celebrities and chatter about depressing global news) and turn on an uplifting classic station.

Give yourself a week of being a devoted classical music lover, and you’ll immediately notice a difference in your ability to relax!

Get That Heart Pumping!

When you want to truly relax, a peaceful state of mind is all about the right combination of calm breathing and fast-moving steps. So, pick your (aerobic) poison! Whether you climb stairs, take a weekly kickboxing class, Zumba your heart out or take a bike ride out in the open air, moderate- to high-intensity exercise creates a relaxed state of mind for even the most anxious person.

Give credit where credit is due. When you get moving through any form of exercise, endorphins—your body’s mood boosters—are released and allow you to feel satisfied, focused and calm.

If you are sitting at a desk all day, anxious about your deadlines, your boss’s temper and your job security, kill two birds with one stone! Increase your heart rate by jogging, biking, or walking, and while you work on your fitness, you’ll immediately feel happier, more optimistic and, best of all, more relaxed about what the rest of your day holds.

Becoming relaxed isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be, but when you take action by exercising, performing mantra meditation and listening to feel-good tunes such as classical music, anything is possible, including a peaceful, relaxed state of mind!