Astral Projection Perfection for Beginners

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Astral Projection Perfection for Beginners

Have you ever had a dream in which you were flying, then upon waking up thought, “Man, that felt awesome! I wish I could do that right now!”? Have you ever been curious about “the other side” after hearing your co-worker’s best friend have an out-of-body experience following her car accident? Here’s some good news for you—when you astral project, you can! Astral projection, which is the ability to have an out-of-body experience and travel to higher dimensions, is something that everyone has the opportunity to experience.

You may be wondering, “Why leave your body at all?” If that’s the case, consider what astral travel can do for you:

  • It will allow you to experience different planes of existence that your physical body cannot allow you to visit while awake.
  • It gives you the chance to leave your worry, stress, attitudes and anxiety behind.
  • You will experience the beautiful astral realms, which are unlike anything you’ve experienced before!

Whether you’re just a tiny bit curious about astral projection or dying to know what all the hype is about, know this—you’re always completely safe and in control, and what you will see, feel and experience in the astral realms will open up your perspective and expand your mind like nothing else. Here are some easy astral projection techniques for the beginner (which will soon make you an expert!).

Start with the Belly Breath

Just like lucid dreaming and meditation, successful astral projection (that is, being able to leave your body on command and travel to the astral realms) takes practice—but this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get there!

Similar to lucid dreaming, astral travel requires an extremely relaxed body and mind. Begin deep belly breathing as you would during meditation (breathe from your abdomen and count to five, then exhale through your teeth as though you were making a hissing noise).

Binaural Beats for a Focused Mind

When you come to a point of relaxation, be careful not to stray into daydreaming mode, or to go into a deep slumber—this may take practice, but don’t give up! Studies have shown that out-of-body experiences tend to occur when your brain is at a higher brainwave frequency, which binaural beats can help you accomplish.

Binaural beats, which are recordings composed of high-pitched noises, can help you achieve a focused and relaxed mind—the perfect starting point for astral projection success!

Focus on a Magic 8 Ball (Really!)

This is where your imagination comes into play. If you have a hard time relaxing, this magic eight ball visualization should do the trick! With your eyes closed, imagine seeing one of those Magic 8 Balls from your childhood (the black ball with answers inside of it, remember)? Now, imagine that instead of answers, there are numbers inside it. Focus on them and count down, slowly, from ten: “Ten … nine … eight …”

By the time you are at one, if you don’t feel totally relaxed, count from ten again.  If numbers don’t work well for you, you can use any image you’d like (the same image each time is better, as it will train your body to prepare for astral travel).

That Good Ol’ Tingling Feeling (You’re Almost There!)

What you’re hoping to achieve with the relaxation and countdown is a tingling feeling going up and down throughout your body, similar to what it feels like when your foot falls asleep. You’ll begin to feel a surge of energy at this point, which comes from the astral planes.

Maintain constant deep breathing and focus on what you’re feeling. You may hear a noise that sounds like a crack, but this is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of—it’s your physical body departing for new and breathtaking dimensions!

Staring Down at Yourself

As you begin to leave your body, expect to hear a collection of noises such as cracks, pops and running water. Keep your mind focused by visualizing yourself leaving your physical body and rising up to the ceiling.

Begin to open your eyes while still holding onto the visualization of being up in the ceiling. You will be able to “take off” and see yourself from up above, sleeping down below! Then, explore the vast, breathtaking, unbelievably beautiful astral realms. It’s unlike anything of this world.

While astral travel does take a little bit of practice, breathing correctly, binaural beats and visualization turn that practice into astral projection perfection! You’ll be able to experience that amazing “light as air” feeling that will allow you to disengage from your worries.

You’ll be able to eradicate any fear of death you may have, because you’ll see what those beings (even deceased loved ones) have to teach you about “the other side.” On top of that, anything you wish you could be on the Earthly plane you can experience “over there!”