Insights into Balancing Chakras for Beginners

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Insights into Balancing Chakras for Beginners

The energy that flows through the chakras can certainly have a tremendously positive impact chakra healingon the body and mind. Each chakra has its own unique purpose and contributes to overall holistic health. Specifically, there are seven chakras and it is critical they work in harmony with one another. You do not want your chakras to be out of balance in any way as this is not optimal for your well being. Those that are new to the process of cultivating the chakras might not be completely aware of effective methods for balancing the chakras. Thankfully, the process of balancing chakras for beginners is not all that difficult to learn.

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The Basics of Beginner Chakra Balancing

While it may take a little bit of time to become familiar with the various steps to balance the chakras, all of these steps can be learned with the right daily, diligent effort. Here are several different effective balancing approaches to learn:

  • Clearing up the mind of negative energy and thoughts is a must if you wish to open up your chakras and bring them into harmony and balance with one another. Negative thought patterns drain energy and cause a tremendous amount of disharmony among the chakras. Through embodying more positive thoughts, you can bring your chakras into balance much easier.
  • Performing daily meditations on your chakras is recommended. Some suggest performing the meditations at night prior to bedtime as this will allow the chakras to restore to their harmonious balance while you sleep. Others suggest performing meditation first thing in the morning to start your day right. Regardless of when you opt to meditate, among the most important balancing chakras for beginners concepts to grasp would be the notion you must meditate daily to experience any results.
  • Selecting an environment that is somewhat isolated for your balancing meditation is a must. This way, there will be no distractions which will undermine your ability to concentrate on bringing your chakras into the proper harmony. It is strongly suggested that soothing, chakra meditation music is played in the room since this will enhance the success potential of the balancing process immensely.
  • Hand positioning is helpful when trying to balance the chakras through meditation session. The two-handed approach is considered one of the more helpful methods. The way this process works entails putting one hand on one chakra and your other hand on a different chakra. Dubbed the pairing of chakras, this method allows you to connect two chakras together in a manner that helps enhance the overall balancing of every chakra.
  • Each chakra has its own color associated with it. If there is a chakra you feel is out of balance then you should visualize its color as a means of restoring it to its natural harmony. You also have the option of investing one day of the week for a specific color so that each and every chakra is effectively balanced through color visualization.
  • Visualization can expand beyond just pure colors. You can visualize on an image such as a flower the same color as the individual chakra you are concentrating on. You could visualize this flower opening as a way of representing the opening of the closed chakra which is out of harmony with the others.
  • Deep breathing exercises are a helpful means of opening up the chakras and restoring them to their natural, harmonic balance. Taking a slow, deep inhaled breath for three seconds followed by a slow three second exhalation would be among the simplest ways of employing proper breathing to help restore harmony to the chakras.
  • Reiki practice is an excellent means of providing balance to the chakras. Granted, you will have to invest a bit of time learning of basics of cultivating Reiki energy but doing so will be worth it considering the help doing so can provide to the chakras.

As with any other learned skill, the art of chakra balancing for beginners can take some time to master. The amount of time it takes to master the process should not be of any concern. The key issue is you do develop the requisite ability to properly balance the seven chakra so you can enjoy all the benefits they present. Doing so ensures a much healthier mind and body.