Open Your Chakras in Five Minutes (Or Less!)

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Open Your Chakras in Five Minutes (Or Less!)

Everything is energy.

From the birds chirping outside of your bedroom window to the light bulbs in your home providing a warm steady glow, energy is all around you.

The birds and the lights in your home draw from their own respective energy sources, and so do you.

Did you know that you are composed of seven energy points that contribute to your mood, level of enthusiasm and even productivity?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is your procrastination preventing you from achieving your goals?
  • Do you struggle with managing stress levels and have a difficult time enjoying life moment to moment?
  • Do you have a difficult time setting boundaries for yourself, and often feel overwhelmed with responsibility?
  • Do you wish you had a clearer direction in life, or seek a stronger connection to your spirituality?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it may be that one or more of your chakras—otherwise known as energy points in your body—are blocked.

In other words, if you are struggling with your workload, physical health or self-confidence, you can open your chakras and transform any area of your life!

Is There Really Such a Thing as Chakras?

Whether you are struggling to pay off your debt, wanting to find success in love or are yet to discover the right direction in life you should take, unblock your chakras, and find the solution.

When you open up your chakras, you can achieve more success than you ever thought possible!

Your body isn’t just composed of cells, organs, muscle and tissue. Within your body, there are seven centers, or “powerhouses,” through which energy flows.

Your chakras are located along the midline of your body, and from top to bottom, are as follows:

  • At the crown of your head.
  • Above your eyes, known as the “third eye” chakra.
  • Your throat.
  • Your heart.
  • Your navel.
  • The sacral chakra (located in the reproductive region of your body).
  • At the “root” or base of your body.

Each chakra is triggered by your various mental states, and when blocked, affects physical states of being. For example, if you are having issues involving your sexuality in a relationship, your sacral chakra may need to be unblocked.

If you are struggling with trusting others, your root chakra may need to be unblocked, as this energy point is associated with trusting others and being secure with the self.

Everyone needs to balance and realign their chakras from time to time. No matter how in control of your life you may feel, unexpected events and unforeseen experiences can cause your mental state to change, and even transform your body and mind.

As a result, your stress levels can and do directly affect your energy points. And when they remain blocked, your physical and mental health can suffer—even causing illness and disease to manifest.

Visualize the Opening of Your Chakras

While every chakra represents a different type of energy (from sexuality to communication with others), it doesn’t take long to understand how each individual one works for you—and when it remains closed, against you.

If you’re new to chakra opening, don’t concentrate on each individual one. Simply spend ten minutes a day visualizing the energy flowing freely in your body.

Close your eyes and picture your chakras and where they are located.

When you’re ready to start opening your chakras, imagine each at its designated place within your body: your crown chakra at the top of your head, your heart chakra located within your chest, etc.

Imagine each of these chakras glowing with love, harmony and pure bliss. As thoughts enter your mind, take a deep breath and give them permission to leave. Then, redirect your attention to your chakras. Imagine each chakra surrounded by a bright white light.

Picture each chakra opening up like a flower, and transforming into a bigger, brighter white light. Focus on the feelings that radiate from these chakras: calmness, all-knowing, assurance and the sensation of being grounded.

Continue to breathe deeply and maintain this image of bright, opening chakras for a few more minutes. Picture your body as a free-flowing energy machine!

Repeat this exercise daily, and you’ll notice that the physical and mental conditions you have experienced in the recent past will dissipate quickly, powerfully and effortlessly.

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