How to Use The Secret

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How to Use The Secret

The Secret isn’t really a secret at all.

Although the book became an instant best-seller, what it introduced was an ancient, Universal truth that belongs to each and every one of us. The “secret” is the law of attraction.

Once you learn how to use the secret, you can attract people, places and things to you instantly and effortlessly. Think you can do without harnessing the secret? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in your career, or not making as much money as you feel you’re worth?
  • Do you tend to feel stagnant from time to time, as though there is something more in your love life, social life or work life you could be striving for?
  • Do you dream of having the means to travel the world, live in a bigger house or be with the partner of your dreams?

The Secret is the way there.

No matter what you want to attain in life — financially, emotionally, or physically — you can and will achieve it when you use the secret. Learn what it is, and how to harness it for your happiness and health!

Focus on Love (Not Fear)

When The Secret first hit the bookstores, it was for many, a whole new way of thought. The basic concept behind the secret is that in order to harness positive results, you have to first harness positive thoughts.

To put it another way: Attract the right romantic partner, secure a lucrative job opportunity or even move into the house of your dreams with the power of positive thinking!

There are only two emotions: love and fear.

When we come from a place of love, we feel thankful for what we have. We feel joy for the people and circumstances in our life. We take each moment as it comes, and look on the bright side of things.

But when we experience life through fear, we focus on anger, jealousy and envy, and we act competitively with others.

We concentrate on the regret and guilt we experienced from past life lessons, or spend our time fearing what may never come to us in the future.

Often, we feel “stuck” in one aspect of our life and unable to move on, emotionally speaking.

Act Appreciative for Everything That Comes Your Way

When you use the secret in your life, you are able to essentially become a magnet for all the things you want, simply by focusing on what it is you want!

On the other hand, if you’re not getting what you want (a job offer, more money or a relationship with the person of your dreams), you’re focusing on the negative.

Begin by acting appreciative for every single thing you have. This may feel a bit strange to do at the beginning, but make this part of your morning ritual, and everything in your life will begin to shift.

Feeling stuck in a rut, or overwhelmed with debt?

When you focus on the miserable job you have or the debt you’ve accrued, you’ll attract more debt, more work problems and more reasons to worry.

Shift everything from your income to your sex life by making a list of each person, place and thing you’re grateful for.

Quickly and sometimes even instantly, you’ll see change come into your life. When you continually practice the secret, you’ll discover that positive change is here to stay!

Create a Vision Board

A vision board is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start attracting abundance into your life. And, if you’re a beginner to the law of attraction, it’s the best way to transform negative thoughts into positive ones!

Start with a blank bulletin board or large poster board. Cut out images from magazines or old photographs that are representative of anything you want to achieve in your life right now.

For example, if you want to lose weight, cut out a picture of the athletic, toned body you’d like to have. If you dream of traveling to Hawaii, cut out pictures you find in magazines, and pin them up on your vision board.

Then, focus on your vision board for a few minutes every day. Imagine what it’s like to be there, and to have achieved that goal.

Visualize the positive emotions — satisfaction, happiness and achievement — that come with attaining your vision.

Vision boards are a visual tool for your mind. No matter what you think you can or can’t achieve today, you can change it. You can tweak your negative thoughts to become positive.

That’s what the law of attraction does, and will do for you. When you focus on positive images, associations, and feelings, you become a magnet for those very things you want most in life.

Believe in the secret you hold, and practice positivity. When you do, you’ll see how the law of attraction will work for you, giving you the life you’ve always wanted.