The Law of Abundance: How You Can Have ANYTHING You Desire

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The Law of Abundance: How You Can Have ANYTHING You Desire

The Law of Abundance is the principle that there is more than enough for you to have everything you want out of life. According to the Law of Abundance, you can have everything you want without someone else having to lose something in order for you to gain it.

law of abundance However, the Law of Abundance only works when you:

  • Know what you want
  • Know how to ask for it
  • Truly believe that you’ll receive it.

As simple as these might sound, if you have these three principles working for you, the Law of Abundance will bring you anything that you want, no matter how big it is.

To discover just how simple and how powerful the Law of Abundance really is, let’s break these principles down one at a time…

The Law of Abundance and Knowing What You Want

If you want to get the Law of Abundance on your side, you must know exactly what you want. Saying that you want a lot of money or that you want to meet your soul mate or that you want to be happy isn’t enough.

Instead, you need to send specific instructions to your subconscious mind, to your higher power or to the universe. To get started, trying answering these questions in relation to your financial life*:

  1. Exactly how much money do you want?
  2. Exactly what date do you want to have it by?
  3. What exactly do you plan to give in exchange for the money?
  4. What is your specific plan for executing step three?

*These instructions were adapted from Napoleon Hill’s book on the Law of Abundance “Think and Grow Rich.”

While this example applies only to financial goals, it can also be applied to finding your soul mate or to finding your perfect job/career. Once you’ve answered these questions, the next step is asking for what you want…

The Law of Abundance and Asking for What You Want

Take the specific answers you’ve come up with now and arrange them into an affirmation that you can say every day. For example, assuming that you want to make $30,000.00 by December 1rst and that you plan on earning this by working as a sales consultant for your company and closing 30 deals, your affirmation might look like this:

“I will have $30,000.00 cash in my possession by December 1rst. I will earn this money by working as a sales consultant for “XYZ Company” and by closing a total of 30 new contracts before December 1rst. I am now working on this plan and am excited about achieving my goal.”

It’s important when asking for what you want that you’re reasonable in your time demands. The universe operates based on natural laws and trying to make something happen faster than it is naturally meant to happen will just set you up for disappointment.

Most experts on the Law of Abundance such as Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill and Joe Vitale, suggest that you worry less about specific deadlines and focus more on being in a state of absolute belief as you ask for what you want.

Belief is the third ingredient of Law of Abundance and the one which makes all the pieces come together…

The Law of Abundance and the Power of Belief

Harnessing the power of absolute belief begins with understanding the difference between wanting something and truly believing that you’ll have it. In his classic on the Law of Abundance of the Law of Attraction, Napoleon Hill wrote:

“There is a difference between wanting something and being ready to receive it.”

Everyone wants money. Everyone wants to be happy and everyone wants to meet their perfect soul mate. The reason people don’t get what they want is because they either don’t know how to ask for it or, more importantly, they don’t truly believe they’ll receive it.

Absolute faith only comes when you erase doubt by becoming actively involved in the pursuit of what you want. This means taking action, and the more action you take towards getting what you want, the better prepared you’ll be for responding to the universe, your subconscious or to your higher power, when you’re presented with opportunities to get what you want.

Belief cannot be built trough spoken affirmation alone, you must also invest energy towards getting what you want by taking action on your plan for achieving what you want. Physical energy is a huge faith builder, and even the book of James in the New Testament says that faith without action isn’t true faith.

Thankfully, the actions invested towards getting what you want don’t have to be right on target. Instead, you start taking action and you correct course along the way, refining your plans and moving faster towards your goals as you do so.

Through knowing what you want and through following the steps above and becoming actively involved in building faith in your ability to reach your goal, you can invoke one of the most powerful laws in creation: the Law of Abundance.