What Are the Laws of Attraction?

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What Are the Laws of Attraction?

By now you’ve no doubt heard of the Law of Attraction but did you know it’s been around for more than 100 years, since the first New Thought thinkers developed this idea that thoughts can manifest in reality? law of attraction

Over the course of the last century, countless thinkers and entrepreneurs have developed their own versions of the laws of attraction, but the core idea – the concept that has changed so many lives – has always remained the same.

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So, what are the laws of attraction and what can they do to fundamentally change your life forever?

Like Attracts Like

At its very core, the law of attraction is incredibly simple. The idea is that when you believe something in the core of your being, the universe manifests what is necessary for you to achieve what you believe.

More specifically, the energy you exude into the universe in the form of your thoughts, feelings and actions towards others will be returned to you in kind.

For example, if you believe “I am wealthy”, repeating the phrase over and over again, thinking it throughout the day and striving in your life to make it happen, the universe will provide opportunities which you will be able to more easily find and create wealth from.

What makes the laws of attraction so powerful is that they work both ways. Someone might believe “I always need more money” and as a result they will regularly have new bills, new expenses and never quite enough money to pay for them all.

By using the laws of attraction, that same person can fundamentally change how they think and what they expect from the universe in such a way that they will never want for money again.

Using the Laws of Attraction in Your Life

At first glance, the law of attraction seems too simple to be true. How can your mind change so fundamentally that your entire life changes with it? But, have you ever tried to think something you don’t believe to be true?

It takes time to reprogram your thoughts. Telling yourself you have everything you need in the world after decades of stress and worry to the contrary is like telling yourself the sky is green.

It doesn’t compute.

More importantly, the law of attraction isn’t a physical thing. You cannot think something long enough and hard enough to make it magically spring into existence.

Your thoughts are not currency you can spend to acquire success. They are seeds, planted carefully in your subconscious and watered over time to manifest your desires.

When you think something strongly enough it becomes a belief and when you believe something strongly enough it becomes a conviction. From there, you start to influence how you see the world and what actions you take, ultimately leading to you achieving your goals.

For the law of attraction to work, you must provide for it the way you would provide for a seedling in the ground. Water it. Fertilize it. Shield it from extreme weather. Eventually, if you provide what that seedling needs to grow, it will provide for you.

Patience is a virtue that will give unto you what you’ve always desired, through the law of attraction and through your newly refined way of seeing the world.

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