Can You Meditate With Music?

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Can You Meditate With Music?

Are you new to mediation, and wondering if adding music to your sessions will help? Or, perhaps you’ve been practicing this discipline for many years, and you are looking for ways to add variety to your routine. Whatever your situation, knowing what types of background sounds and tones will be beneficial (if any), will help you advance in your efforts. For that meditation techniques for breathingreason, let’s take a few moments to explore this topic in more depth below, so you can answer this question for yourself.

Can You Meditate With Music?

Before moving on to what types of music are the most effective, we first need to cover if it should be included at all. When it comes to this issue the experts are divided, and there are good arguments on either side. Some believe that music creates a distraction, which will counteract meditation’s primary purpose of mindfulness and relaxation. They hold that the melody will cause you to lose focus upon your breathing, thoughts or affirmations.

Others think that music can be a helpful tool, to drown out the outside world and create an atmosphere dedicated to introspection. Music can shield you from other noises and cares, and allow you to let go of any worries or tasks that may be weighing down your mind.

A Personal Choice!

In actuality, answering the question of can you meditate with music, is a personal decision. Why is this? First of all, every person is different, with individual preferences and needs. For example, some people can’t concentrate when a room is too quiet, as they need stimulation to still their mind. While this may sound like a contradiction, it is actually quite common! In fact, studies have shown that certain learning styles need to stay active to retain any information being presented.

In contrast, some people need absolute silence, to perform at their best. If there are monotonous sounds in the background, like a dripping faucet, it will make it impossible for them to meditate effectively! Music is no exception, and they will perform far better in a quiet setting instead.

Different Forms of Meditation.

Another factor to consider is the form of meditation which you are using, as music works better with certain styles. How so? If you will be using a mantra or affirmation spoken aloud, then you’ll already have noise in the room. Adding a soothing soundtrack can be beneficial – helping you find your rhythm more easily. This is one reason chanting has been favored for centuries, as it provides a natural cadence for you to follow.

Yet, forms of meditation that focus upon your breathing may be less suited for music. After all, you need to listen closely to your body, and being able to hear yourself inhaling and exhaling is important. Also, certain mindfulness exercises could be difficult if music were playing as well.

Different Genres of Music.

Finally, when asking can you meditate with music, you should take the different styles into account. There are many types to choose from today, and certain ones will tend to create a more peaceful environment. Heavy metal or hard rock would be poor choices, for example!

However, there is an entire genre of new age music, that is geared specifically towards relaxation and meditation. You may find that these songs truly enhance your efforts, and help you to reach a state of concentration faster than ever before.

In fact, soothing music can be a powerful tool, when you work in concert with it. There are even forms of meditation that follow the notes themselves, allowing you to travel with the music wherever it takes you. This can inspire creativity, and musical meditation is a fun exercise to try if you are unfamiliar with it! The idea is to let the music fill you up, until it bursts forth – releasing your creative ideas in the process.

Give It a Try!

You now know that adding music to your meditation, works better for people that need background sound to quiet their mind. Also, we’ve covered how certain styles of meditation will work better with music than others. Finally, specific genres of music will naturally foster a harmonious and peaceful setting for you to enjoy.

Yet, at the end of the day, there is no substitute for experience. If you feel that there is something lacking in your meditation time, simply give a few different types of music a try. You may find that it isn’t for you, or it may enhance your session in a profound way. Just remember to keep an open mind, and to retain a spirit of discovery. When you do, your meditation efforts will bear more fruit, whether you decide to use music or not!