How to Meditate to Music

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How to Meditate to Music

You love listening to music any time of the day or night, as it has the power to instantly distract you from stressful thoughts and make you feel a world away from the pressures and demands of your work life. On the other hand, you don’t know how you’d cope without your morning meditation. It grounds you, sets you up for success and provides you with a mental “clean slate.”

Meditation and music are two of the best ways to raise your vibration, improve your mood and increase your focus. So what happens when you meditate with music? Together, they become one of the fastest ways to harness happy, can-do thoughts, even on your most anxiety-provoking day (with the power to turn that frown upside down within minutes!).

With this powerful duo, you’ll achieve nothing less than a happy body and a happy mind. It’s just the recipe for success you’ve been searching for! Here’s how to go about it the right way, so your “oms” and beats are perfectly in sync.

Choose a Calm Environment (Free of Distraction)

Achieving a relaxed state is all about location, location, location. What’s the point to meditating at all if you’re going to be interrupted by the phone or your loud next-door neighbor?

The whole point of meditating is to give yourself the opportunity to turn off the internal chatter of your mind and allow yourself the time to relax and reconnect with your higher self.

When you meditate in a noise-free zone (such as your bedroom, your home office or your living room), you give yourself the perfect setup for meditation success. Enhance your experience by picking out a piece by your favorite composer or downloading a CD of nature sounds, then giving those calming beats and rhythms a chance to enhance your meditating experience!

Experiment with Different Instrumental Music

Just as there are different forms of meditation (mantra, simple breathing and guided meditation), there is an assortment of music styles. It’s up to you to try them all out in order to find the best one—the one that makes you focus, relaxes your mind and body, and enriches your precious “personal time.”

Try any and all music and background sounds for starters: Celtic, ocean waves, sounds of a forest or meadow, classical piano, Native American or a track that is geared specifically for theta meditation (such as binaural beats).

Focus on How Your Body Responds

Some music may move along too slowly for you, while others may be too loud. Some artists’ tracks may be so relaxing that they make it difficult to stay awake while meditating. Others may be too energizing, which makes it hard to concentrate on your breath.

Like anything new that you add to your daily routine, it’s crucial to experiment in order to find out how your body responds to different things. Try out various artists and genres. What kind of music allows you to feel energized and relaxed? What type of music or background sounds (e.g. classical vs. ocean sounds) do you tend to gravitate towards? Through the process of elimination, you can find the perfect music for your meditation!

Notice the Difference a Song Makes

Whether you’re experienced at meditation or you’re brand new to it, focusing on your breath and quieting your mind can be a challenge. It can even feel uncomfortable at times. Allow yourself to have an easier time meditating: rely on a relaxing audio track so that you can stay engaged and in the present moment (instead of putting meditation on the back burner of your growing to-do list).

You’ll soon find out—if you don’t know already—what a difference a song truly makes on your attitude and your state of mind.

Meditate with music, and you will instantly have the perfect opportunity to connect, recharge and concentrate on the most important things of all—your wellbeing, health and happiness!