Mind Consciousness & the Power of Manifestation

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Mind Consciousness & the Power of Manifestation

Mind consciousness is the fundamental state which one must reach in order to manifest what they truly desire.

Almost all of us want things which we don’t already have, but few of us really know how to get what we want. Many of us have habits which build our lives up and move us towards what we want, while having other habits which tear our lives down and move us away from our desires. This is why so many people get so close to having what they want, only to have it slip away.

Mind consciousness empowers a person to take control of their habits and of their life, to align themselves with their desires and to manifest them naturally. Like anything else, developing mind consciousness takes work and the more of a habit it becomes; the better you’ll get at manifesting your desires: money, love, the perfect career, good health and happiness.

Three Rules for Developing Mind Consciousness:

Rule #1: Self-Awareness

The first and the most important rule of developing mind consciousness is self-awareness. Self-awareness is having clarity about the basic needs which are driving your habits and your decisions.

Those who lack self-awareness literally don’t have the capability of controlling their own consistent behaviors. Daily journaling and daily meditation can be powerful strategies for developing self-awareness. You can start your journaling and meditation habits simply by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. What am I feeling?
  2. Why am I feeling it?
  3. What am I going to do about it?

These questions can be asked and meditated on during your daily meditation time, and you can write the answers in your journal. When asking these questions, it’s important not to get frustrated if the answers don’t come right away.

Self-awareness is a habit and it takes practice and patience. If you’re accepting of the fact that you don’t have the answers right away, your mind will be more open to receiving them.

Rule #2: Presence

Presence is being completely alert and aware about your current surroundings and the current vibrational state of your body.

A lack of presence is caused by the constant worrying over things which have passed or about things which may or may not come to pass. Lack of presence can also be caused by the attempt to deny or to bury thoughts or emotions which you regard as “negative.”

Those who are too focused on the past or on the future will also have a hard time being present and will have difficultly developing mind consciousness and manifesting their desires. To be fully present, you must learn to be at peace with your fears, your desires and all of your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative.

For example, the more peace you have with fear, the less paralyzing it will be and the easier it will be for you to step into it and to be present with it.

Rule #3: Balance

The third rule of developing mind consciousness is finding the right balance between desire and contentment. Those who are too desire driven and who lack the ability to be content will have a hard time managing their internal sense of urgency. They’ll make impulsive decisions which sabotage their future or they’ll become disappointed when things “don’t happen fast enough.”

On the other hand, contentment must also be balanced with a desire to change your circumstances and to create the future you really want. This balance will take practice to develop, and it will require solid self-awareness. You can start developing this balance through asking yourself these two simple questions:

“Are my desires being quenched too early by contentment?”

“Are my desires robbing me of my contentment?”

Too much contentment will cause you to be too relaxed and laid back about pursuing what you desire, while too much desire will rob you of your ability to be content and happy in the present.

Yet, a healthy balance between contentment and desire will help you to be of sound mind and at peace with the present, while still being alert and well prepared for any opportunity which might come your way.

The Reward of Mind Consciousness 

The reward of mind consciousness would be difficult to overstate. Anyone who has ever achieved great success had the power to be present, self-aware and to balance contentment with desire. So practice these three techniques until they become habits and you’ll discover for yourself the incredible power of mind consciousness.