Personal Growth Profiles: Secrets of Mind Power by Harry Lorayne

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Personal Growth Profiles: Secrets of Mind Power by Harry Lorayne

“Secrets of Mind Power” is a personal growth book by Harry Lorayne, who is considered to be the world’s leading experts in memory and mind training. Harry Lorayne is also the author of “The Memory Book,” which spent 46 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list.

In addition to his work as an author, Loryane has also made over 40 TV appearances and taught seminars at major corporations and educational institutions. Harry Lorayne is also the author of:  “Super Memory,” “Memory Makes Money,” “Harry Lorayne’s Page-a-Minute Memory Book,” “Super Student” and “Remembering People.”

The Secrets Behind “Secrets of Mind Power”

In “Secrets of Mind Power,” memory expert Harry Loryane introduces students to a system which is designed to enhance one’s ability to retain information, sometimes pages and pages at a time. Some students claim to have gained the ability to memorize pages and pages of complex text including:

  • Long sales scripts
  • Training manuals
  • Epic poems and song lyrics
  • Hundreds of words and phrases from a foreign language
  • Entire pieces of instrumental classical music
  • Entire chapters and even entire books of the Bible
  • Names and personal details about dozens of people they know

The approach in “Secrets of Mind Power” focuses on engaging parts of the brain which aren’t normally involved when someone it just reading or repeating something. There are three of these things which will encourage the brain to remember something:


This is where the brain assumes that if you keep repeating something that it must be important. This is the slowest and least energy-efficient way to memorize data. While “Secrets of Mind Power” does encourage some repetition, there is more focus on the other methods of memorization…


If your brain regards something as valuable for your physical survival, it will give higher priority to it and thus increase its ability to remember that data clearly and accurately. The challenge for most of us is that we try to make something important only by reading or saying it over and over, which creates boredom.

When information is considered boring, the mind treats it as being less valuable and thus has a harder time retaining it. This is why “Secrets of Mind Power” focuses on creating a stronger impression of value using other methods than just repetition.


Context has been proven to improve a person’s ability to retain information. For example, we’re two times more likely to remember something which we read AND hear it as opposed to something we simply read. If we hear it, read it and become actively involved in applying it, we’re four times more likely to remember it.

Other types of sensory context such as songs, pictures, analogies and metaphors also increase our mind’s capacity for retaining information. “Secrets of Mind Power” focuses on using all three of the above methods for super charging your memory and comprehension.

Suggested Books and Courses to Use in Conjunction with “Secrets of Mind Power”

While “Secrets of Mind Power” is a powerful tool for enhancing our ability to retain data, it doesn’t focus nearly as much on critical thinking and creative thinking and it doesn’t focus on value intelligence or emotional intelligence.  Therefore, “Secrets of Mind Power” is strictly a tool for enhancing one’s memory and intellectual capacity.

The following books and personal growth courses are suggested as supporting tools for expanding and increasing your capacity for intellectual, emotional and creative intelligence:

  • “Your Mind Knows More Than You Do” by: Sidney L. Friedman
  • “You Were Born Rich” by: Bob Proctor
  • “Think and Grow Rich” by: Napoleon Hill
  • “Emotional Intelligence” by: Daniel Goleman
  • “A Whack on the Side of the Head” by: Roger von Oech
  • “Changes that Heal” by: Henry Cloud
  • “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by: T. Harv Eker
  • “The Success Principles” by: Jack Canfield

To find out more about “Secrets of Mind Power” and about Harry Lorayne, visit the official site of Harry Lorayne.