What Is the Purpose of Life?

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What Is the Purpose of Life?

This simple little question has vexed philosophers and everyday men and women alike for centuries. What is the meaning of life? The answer depends so much on your beliefs, your desires and what you contribute to the world. meaning of life

But, regardless of your belief system, there are ways to establish and follow a way of thinking that allows you to better understand what your role is in the universe – why you exist and all the amazing things you can accomplish with the right motivation.

This is my philosophy on the purpose of life and one I hope helps you better understand your role in the universe.

Let’s Clear Away the Clutter

Before you can truly ask “what is the purpose of life” and get an honest answer, you need to do something. You need to clear away the decades of clutter and social conditioning that forces you to think in a certain way.

The years of being told by your parents that your purpose is to get married and have children. The years of being told in school that you must go to college and get a desk job until you retire.

These things are not the purpose of life – they are social constructs thrust upon you that to need to go before you can truly understand what you were born for.

There are many ways to do this. For many years, I have meditated on a daily basis, clearing my mind and spending between 15 and 45 minutes each day allowing the excess of the world to melt away.

Meditation as well as physical exercise can do wonders for those excess thoughts forming a barrier in your mind.

Another strategy, and one that I’ve been amazed by in recent years, is to sit down and ask yourself one question:

“What is the purpose of life? Of my life?”

Now, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Then do it again. And again. And again. Keep doing it until you actually tap into the part of your subconscious that understands what you were born for – what your purpose is on this earth and what you desire more than anything.

It may take days.

It may take weeks.

It may even take months of careful reflection and cutting through the years of conditioning to think in a different way than what you really feel. But, somewhere deep in your soul is a kernel of truth striving to be set free.

When that moment comes, you will feel it in every part of your body. The sensation of release it provides you will be more than you ever expected. It will show you the purpose of life and flood you with renewed energy.

Getting Past the Negativity

Life breeds a certain degree of cynicism in everyone. It’s a defense mechanism to fend off the bad stuff that inevitable happens. Years of consistently pushing down your feelings, however, doesn’t destroy the core of who you are or the meaning of why you are here.

Turn inward and learn from yourself and you’ll be astounded at the things you can do.