A Short List of the Best Self Improvement Audio Books

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A Short List of the Best Self Improvement Audio Books

Without the best self improvement audio books, we probably will be living a life of disorder for an indefinite number of years. It is normal for use to find ourselves in situations wherein we do not see any good. Those are the times when you are anxious, depressed, sad, and are not aware just what to do. Those are the times when we experience the low.

Sometimes it feels like we are going to be in that state forever. Fortunately, we have friends and family who are always there to lend their shoulders and hankies and ears. And when they cannot give advice, we are fortunate to have self help books.

Self help audio books are reading materials that are written for people who want to make a change. That change could mean anything from financial, emotional, spiritual, and mental liberation. These books are written to improve a person’s habit, point of view, character, thinking, and the like. The bottom line is that these books are designed to bring positive results. To make it easier for you to find a self help audio book, we made a short list of the best self improvement audio books.

The first on our list is the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. Ferris is a 28-year old vagabond-slash-entrepreneur. He has been teaching at Princeton University for more than four years. He teaches a wildly popular course about why-to and how-to guides to throw out ancient methods of success. You’ll be surprised to know that he replaces work-life balance by new ways of living. So if you are tired of the old stuff, this book is just right for you.

The second audio book on our list is The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr. The book has been a phenomenon and one living proof of its effectiveness is Noel Edmond, a TV presenter who turned his life around. What is interesting about this audio book is that you just have to place an order with the universe to make your wishes come true. Mohr will teach you how to do it.

Our next audio book The Secret reveals the secret to success. First released as a book and then a groundbreaking movie that explains the mystery of the universe, you can now keep the secret in your smart device. Rhonda Byrne compiles accounts of successful people who have each given their insights as to what made them successful. Keeping the secret might be your key to unlimited joy, love, wealth and health.

The book that sold more than seven million copies, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, is now among the hottest audio books around. With its latest revision, millions of people will now be able to overcome the habit of worrying. In this audio book, Carnegie presents useful, simple and practical formulas that you can put to work from this day and the rest of your life.

Next on our list is Positive Words, Powerful Results by Hal Urban. The book explains that even though we live in an ocean of words, we are not fully aware about their power to inspire, uplift and help. It also explains how words can negatively affect the people around us. So with this audio book, you get two sides. You can avoid negative words and use the positive ones to change your life as well as the people around you.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles was first published in 1910 but its effectiveness remains unchanged even until today. This primer on prosperity revolutionized the way people think about wealth and the requirements to becoming wealthy. With this audio book, you can prosper in a scientific way.

Now that we have laid a list of the best self help audio books, we would like to remind you that these books cannot improve your life alone. You have to live by these words. So we encourage you to read the principles and apply them to your life. This way you will find no reason to be in the “low” again. Someday you will also be able to help others by sharing what you have learned from the best self improvement audio books.