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Quantum Jumping Review

quantum jumping reviewThere are a lot of powerful products on the Internet designed to give you the tools needed to succeed. Some are simple and others incredibly complex, but none of them has impressed me in recent years quite like Quantum Jumping.

Developed by Burt Goldman – “The American Monk” to many of his fans and followers – Quantum Jumping is simultaneously a deeply powerful thought tool and a meditation technique that allows you to consider yourself, your life and the world around you in ways you never expected.

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What is Quantum Jumping?

Before diving into the Quantum Jumping review, we should first define what it is. Quantum Jumping is incredibly simple in practice but takes years to master. The idea is that, out there in the beyond are alternate universes in which different versions of yourself have made different decisions and are living with the consequences of those decisions (for good or bad).

Through careful thought control and meditation, you access those alternate versions of yourself and learn from them – determining what you could have done differently or how certain decisions in your life have made you who you are today.

Does it Work?

Like most products developed around the idea of meditation and thought control, you get out of Quantum Jumping exactly as much as you put into it. Skeptics and weekend thinkers tend to have trouble accessing the alternate versions of themselves and, in the end, chalk it up to the system not working.

But, Quantum Jumping isn’t magic. It’s not a switch you can learn how to flip in your mind. Consider it an extreme form of self-reflection – developed into a program that gives you unprecedented control over the interactions you have with your subconscious.

Take relationships for example. If your life has been filled with failed relationships and awkward first dates, you’ve probably asked yourself a hundred times what you’re doing wrong.

But, imagine an opportunity to quite literally ask yourself what went wrong and, better yet, how you can make it right.

This is the power of Quantum Jumping and Burt Goldman shows you exactly how it works in his free 6 part introductory course to the concepts and nature of Quantum Jumping.

Included in the free course is the 2008 interview in which Burt introduced his ideas to the world, followed by the initial techniques you will use to unlock hidden creativity and talents you never knew you had.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of Quantum Jumping review sites making outrageous claims about what you can and cannot do with this program. I won’t go that far because, like any self-development product, you get out of Quantum Jumping what you put into it.

However, I can attest to you that this is a truly incredible system and even if you take away only half as much as I did, your life will change for the better in many ways.

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