The Silva Method of Mind Control

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The Silva Method of Mind Control

silva methodThe Silva Method of Mind Control is a self help program developed by Jose Silva. Launched in 1960s, the Silva method is one of the therapeutic techniques grouped under the Human Potential Movement. The method that was developed during 1940s is a program that increases the IQ of an individual and also improves a person’s image about self, through developing the higher brain functions and relaxations.

The proponents of the Silva Mind Control Method also believe that the program allows clearer thinking and can also help people to overcome the addictive conditions such as, nicotine condition. The program aims to teach people with their right brain hemisphere to give them paranormal abilities. As per the belief of Jose Silva, 90 percent of the world population is governed by the left hemisphere of the brain for their actions and thoughts.

As per Silva, the left hemisphere limits the thoughts only to intellectual, logical and objective means of problem solving; whereas if people are trained to use both right and left hemisphere of their brains, they can also use the information stored in the subconscious mind to make decisions. The Silva mind control method aims at the achievement of the Alpha state, which is the higher state of brain functioning at the brainwave frequency of eight to thirteen HZ. The program not only teaches to attain such a high mental state; but also helps to sustain it.

Jose Silva, founder of the program also developed various systematic mental processes under the program to be used to enable a person in enhanced states to mentally project with a specific intent. As per the belief of the founder of the program-Jose Silva, once the individuals learn to project their minds, they can connect with the greater level of intelligence and can also see the distant objects, which cannot be seen otherwise.

Further described by Jose Silva, the projected state of mind is more capable to solve problems than the regular state of mind. The projected mind can be perceived as smell, taste, sound by the mind, feelings, thoughts and also images. Known as Remote viewing or HoloViewing, the projected state of mind is one of the highlights of the Silva method of mind control.

Remote Viewing: Silva method of mind control as described by Jose Silva also has the remote viewing as an integral part of the program, where the individual projects herself or himself mentally to see the incidents in process remotely, rather than waiting for the incidents to take place. Silva suggested that everyone has the ability of remote viewing and any individual can be taught and trained to develop these skills. Silva also suggested that remote viewing is not an extra ability or not a superior power. Remote viewing, as per Jose Silva is an undeveloped sense due to the fact that is is unneeded. Silva further described that whatever happens to the body, happens in the mind first. The person first decides to drink a glass of water and then picks it up physically.

Learning to manipulate the set of rules of the universe in the right manner is the basic idea of the Silva method of mind control. As stated by the renowned author Arthur. C. Clarke and James Randi- the former stage magician, the Silva method includes the application of visual meditation, self hypnosis and positive thinking. There are also beliefs that the program can also be used to develop paranormal abilities such as, extra sensory perception, popularly referred to as ESP.

Jose Silva is said to have train his daughter to be psychic in the year 1953 and presented his training methods to Rhine with his daughter as the evidence of the effectiveness of the program. However, the program has been criticised as pseudoscience. Today, the Silva training program consists of two major parts:

1. Silva Life System
2. Silva Intuition System

Silva Life System: The basic and initial part of the Silva life system teaches you to achieve your goals through focused awareness and guided imagery with specialised techniques. The Silva life system, popularly referred to as SLS helps you learn to calm yourself and to open up the untapped mental ability to face the everyday challenges. The program makes the individual feel better, fuller and more enriched.

Silva Intuition System: The second part of the program is called Silva intuition system or SIS, in which the individual is trained to recognise and control the intuition to find the purpose of life. Intuition, that has hunch or sudden insight as a part of it, is something that cannot be apparent with logical or rational means. Intuition can help to solve the problems in a better way. The SIS program also includes the training to listen to the small voice intuition within you.

The above mentioned programs are claimed to have the four major following benefits:

1. Reduced stress and aging effects, healthier and relaxed body and mind along with positive state of mind.

2. Recognising the problems creatively and reaching the goals quicker by staying focused, positive and motivated.

3. The program helps to recognize opportunities and to make better decisions, while accessing your intuition and creativity.

4. The Silva method of mind control also helps individuals to set free from negative beliefs that can be deep rooted since childhood. The method helps people to program themselves to achieve greater success.

For a shorter duration program of two days, you can learn to achieve the Alpha level that is related to the intuition and ESP through dynamic meditation. After training to meditate, the program trains the individual to develop focused intuition and power of healing. You can also learn one of the most powerful and effective techniques of the Silva method, known as HoloViewing. HoloViewing is the technique to train and program the mind to get into higher level of consciousness during sleep, to find the guidance in life to solve complex problems. The guidance can be in form of dreams, sudden thoughts or meaningful signs through physical coincidences.

The Silva mind control method can be a great help to find the better meaning or purpose of life. Click here to learn more about the Silva Method of Mind Control.