How to Stop Stress from Ruining Your Life

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How to Stop Stress from Ruining Your Life

It’s amazing the impact stress has on our lives. Every day millions of people wake up worrying about something they have little or no control of, wondering how to stop stress from controlling everything they do. how to stop stress

What is even more astounding though is that most of these people accept this as the status quo.

They feel that to be successful in life – to be considered a success – you must spend a significant portion of your life stressed out.

Somewhere along the line, the feeling of stress people got when doing something important came to be a sign of importance. But, whether that is true or not, it can have a profoundly negative impact on your health.

Today you are going to learn how to stop stress from ruining your life.

Lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, and constant stress heighten your chance of contracting many diseases and illnesses and, combined with the emotional toll, stress can hold you back from many of your goals.

Enough with the Negativity

Let’s take the needle off this broken record, though, because none of this is necessary. There is no unspoken rule that says “you must be stressed to find success in life.

Quite the opposite.

I define success as having a sense of accomplishment in every aspect of my life. From the lunch I make for my son every morning to the hour I spend reading every day.

When you find peace in these simple, almost mundane, moments that is when you’ll finally gain control over the stress in your life. Stop asking how to stop stress and start living life as though there is nothing to be stressed about.

Recognizing Sources of Stress

A significant source of stress in most people’s lives is busyness. It’s not that the things you do are particularly life altering: missing a doctor’s appointment, forgetting to get the ham for dinner or leaving the TV on in the morning will have no negative effects on your life unless you let them.

So, the first step is to sit down and ask yourself “where does this stress come from” and create a list of the true sources.

Tackling Stress Piece by Piece

You’ll be shocked by just how many sources of stress are silly. There are things on that list that you already know shouldn’t cause you stress and yet you let them either because you’re so busy or because you never stopped to consider what was creating your discomfort.

Consider the things you are worried about. Is it really likely that you won’t be able to afford your bills next month if you leave the TV on each day? It’s an extra $3 per month, right? By thinking through your concerns and realizing that they are nowhere near as extreme as you expected, they are much easier to deal with.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Clear Goals

Stress develops because we lose control over our thoughts, and while there are many things you can do to regain that control, one of the most effective has very little to do with thinking.

Exercise and healthy diet give you a sense of peace and clarity that you cannot gain from any amount of self-reflection. The better you treat your body, the easier it is to maintain control over the sensations that drive you in life.

Not only that but exercise is incredibly relaxing – releasing chemicals that make you feel better and draining the nervous energy that tends to build up in your body over time.