How to Be Spiritual Every Day of the Week

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How to Be Spiritual Every Day of the Week

Spirituality is the thread that connects us all together.

Religion, ethnicity and educational background have nothing to do with it. Despite our physical differences and various upbringings, we are all the same with a sense of spirituality that connects us.

Because of a need we all have to connect with our source, or our true inner self, you may wonder how you can achieve a deeper purpose, feel more connected with yourself and go within instead of looking outwards for life’s answers.

You may not quite know how to be spiritual, no matter how desperate you are for that “missing piece” of life’s puzzle. When it comes to identifying your sense of spirituality and what will allow you to feel aligned with yourself and the Universe, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Whichever way you go on your spiritual path is the right way.

Here are several to get you moving toward peace and away from judgment and doubt.

Once you put these tactics into play, you’ll feel more powerful, fulfilled and prosperous than you ever have!

Let Go of Control and Enjoy the Ride

Whether you realize it or not, you are part of a dozen relationships in your life. You have a relationship with your parents, your boss, your children, your siblings, your spouse, your clients, your neighbors — the list goes on and on.

It’s only natural to want to control every interaction and especially, every outcome of these important relationships in your life.

It’s what makes you human, and what makes you connect to others.

Just like the ebb and flow of life, no relationship can stay perfectly in harmony all of the time. That’s because the occasional conflict or miscommunication presents an opportunity to learn, evolve and grow.

Additionally, your spiritual self is growing through the tough times too, so let go.

Loosen the grip.

When you begin to let go of expectation, you’ll see that what remains is an opportunity you didn’t previously realize was available to you.

When you practice enjoying the moment for what it is (no matter what the ultimate outcome will be) you can enjoy the ride there more than you ever have!

Be Grateful for the Good and Bad

Spirituality is about connecting with your true source — the essential core of who you are. No matter what complaints you have about yourself, or “flaws” you feel you possess, your true self is pure and perfect.

When you practice gratitude, which involves being appreciative for every small and big thing in your life, you achieve harmony in alignment with the Universe, your true self, and the moment as it is.

There’s no hidden agenda with gratitude — just an attitude that everything you have in your life (from the balance in your bank account to your body shape) is perfect as is.

Gratitude is an instant happiness booster, as well as a great way to connect with yourself because it instantly transforms your mindset.

Focus on Faith, Not Fear

Every day, uncertainties in life present themselves. From the fluctuating state of the economy to potential traffic that keeps you from getting to work on time, it’s tempting to dwell on the negative.

Uncertainties tend to bring on fear, worry and angst. The more you dwell on it, the further you remove yourself from the truth about the matter.

The Universe has it all taken care of, so sit back and have a little faith!

Spiritually speaking, you’re right where you should be. When you focus on quieting your mind daily, and giving yourself the time to go within (instead of looking to others for answers to life’s questions) you’ll discover the profound truth.

You’ll discover that everything you need, are curious about or feel is missing, is within you — your spiritual self. So have a little faith and trust that the Universe has your back.

It’s got this under control, so trust the process.

Enjoy learning about your spiritual self. It’s a journey, and worth every step of the waythere.